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url shortener


URL Shortener is a simple and powerfull website service on the World Wide Web that with it,you can make your long links and URLs as short link and with your custom name.


Links and URLs that are shortened in addition to remembering them is easy cause your site scores by Google will improve.

What is Custom Url shortener:

some of url shortener services Like plink.ir give you ability to add your custom url name and allias to your url when you want shorten it.

this ability call custom allias or Rebrandly.

history of url shortening:

...a system, method and computer program product for providing links to remotely located information in a network of remotely connected computers. A uniform resource locator (URL) is registered with a server. A shorthand link is associated with the registered URL. The associated shorthand link and URL are logged in a registry database. When a request is received for a shorthand link, the registry database is searched for an associated URL. If the shorthand link is found to be associated with a URL, the URL is fetched, otherwise an error message is returned.

The patent was filed in September 2000; while the patent was issued in 2005, US patent applications are made public within 18 months of filing.


Security and safty of url shortener service:

the short url may be redirect you to harmfull content. but it your url shortener plink.ir we connect to phishtank.com and google safe browsing . to make it More reliable.

Costing of url shortener:

most of good url shortener are paid service but your service in https://plink.ir is free for ever

list of popular Link shortening service:

Plink URL Shortener features:

Each site has its own features  in https://plink.ir you have specific like:

  • custom name
  • tracking system
  • trageting
  • private
  • powerfull api
  • Custom Landing Page

You can use the following domains to shorten your link and redirect it.

  1. biturl.ir
  2. budlink.ir
  3. budurl.ir
  4. cutit.ir
  5. glink.ir
  6. pl7.ir
  7. plnk.ir
  8. qrurl.ir

​pl7.ir/gogl ➜ plink.ir/gogl

now it s your choice to start.

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